Construction Industry: Alive And Well Ahead Of The 2018 Commonwealth Games

In case you hadn’t heard the Commonwealth Games are coming to the Gold Coast in 2018.

For many years the Gold Coast was a boom town before the GFC had everyone running for cover and holing up for the duration. 2008 to 2015 were tough years for all Gold Coast businesses with many going under.

Now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. New infrastructure like the light rail (connecting the new University Hospital at Parkwood with thriving Broadbeach) and high-rise projects like Jewel are evidence that the dark days are over and the the start of a new boom is with us!

With any boom in the construction industry on the Gold Coast, local companies like Symcorp Buiding Services who supply tradesmen for renovations projects, Screens ‘n’ More who supply all the shower screen glass for all the developments, and Evolved Luxury Floors, whose vinyl plank acoustic loose lay flooring is so important for high-rise impact noise reduction, will be looking for qualified staff just to keep up with the demand which is set to last for many years after the Games of 2018 had been done and dusted.