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Timber Deck Construction

Decks are typically an extension to your home (although some businesses could have them too), normally in backyards, sometimes around a swimming pool, that give an additional living and recreational space to the homeowner.

Such decks quite often make for very elegant and attractive addition to landscapes and act as an extension to living spaces. They are platforms built above ground level and more often than not, connected to the home. Most of these decks will have railings all around and will be accessed through doors from the home to which they are attached. You can also have an option to leave the deck open to the sky or cover it with a roof. Decide on the deck for your home after you are sure of what use you have for it, the space available in your yard and the budget you have for it. Make sure that you have permissions for the deck before you lay out your money for it. Need more info about timber decks? Consider the Gold Coast deck builder and find out how they manage to have beautiful decks.

Most decks are made of timber, and you will have to find the right timber and the timber deck builder for the deck Just Decksthat you have decided on. Your timber can be pressure treated pine which can give you a deck that can last for years, and timber that is very easy to work with. You can, of course, go in for hardwood timber, but this will be an expensive option, but give you a deck that is far more durable. You may still need to treat and protect the hardwood so that it does not warp because of the outdoor weather it always has to contend with. Timber hybrid decks that use a combination of plastic and wood fiber give you wood that is very easy to maintain and clean, and more resistant to weather effects. If you do not want to use timber, you can always opt for a deck with metal, vinyl or other material, but the richness that you get from timber will be lost.

Before you give out the work to a local deck builder like this company, have your plans for the deck firmly in place. You can also get some plans online that you can use to make your own plans that suit you. You then need to decide on the timber that you are going to use for the decking. In most cases, this decision is based more on what you can afford. Make sure that any timber that you buy is seasoned and treated and cut to the right sizes as needed by your builder. Layout the plan on the ground and decide on the foundations that you need that will support the framing for your deck and its superstructure. You can get in ready-made foundations which will need only to be placed in position correctly. Prepare the framework for the timber deck and ensure that it has the right fixing arrangements to go with the foundations. Once the framework is in place, it is then very easy for the timber deck builder to lay down the floor, erect posts, a roof structure, and the roof, so that you deck ready for use.


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